21 , ENG/한국 , she/her

YOOO, I'M ʙɪᴛʜᴀᴘɪ!

I just like making art/animation and stuffThanks for dropping by ! ٩(●ö●)۶

for work / commissions, contact me at:
[email protected]


Frequently Asked Questions


How did you make this site?

  • I used card.io(you can click on their site at the bottom of my site) and I didn't pay for pro, you can make this using their free functions.

Can I repost your work?

  • please don't, or at least wait and ask me first.

  • I'm gonna make a post about it soon!!

  • thank you to all the ppl that DM me and tell me whose reposted TT I'm so sorry I can't respond to all of you BUT I DO APPRECIATE!!

What programs do you use??

  • I draw and animate all my stuff on my Ipad PRO using Procreate.

  • then I export them, as .pngs or .gifs, into After Effects on my PC and that's where I do my editing. ^^

How long does it take you to make these?

  • a reaaallly long time haha

  • I'm making these while in school so I'm juggling multiple assignments while doing my best to make these shorts :))

  • its stressful haha but REALLY FUN so I don't ever plan to stop no matter how long it takes me :DDD

  • that being said, please continue to support me even if it takes me a while to push them out!

  • appreciate you ( ˘ ³˘)♡

Do you get paid??

  • only with the pennies tiktok and youtube shorts give me,,,, HA ha haaa ( ɵ̥̥‸ɵ̥̥)

  • but hopefully I can make a living off of this!! ٩(●ö●)۶




work in progress...
coming soon :)


** Backgrounds vary between $10-$50 depending on what is asked!

Full Body

Colored - $80
Grayscale - $40

*every extra person is 50% of the Original price

Half Body

Colored - $65Grayscale - $30

*every extra person is 50% of the Original price

shoulders & UP

Colored - $45Grayscale - $20

*every extra person is 50% of the Original price


Profile Icons

$20 per ICON



$120 per illustration

*price subject to change depending on what is asked